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The Sarnie Business day 10 – Back on the stall

They’ve lost the shop, for now, but with The Sarnie Business back on the stall, Lauren (@LaurenDouglin) and Scott (@ScottHudson) are determined to bounce back even better than before.

Lauren: Back on the stall again today, back to our roots. We like it, we don’t see losing the shop as a disaster, though we’d definitely like to have more sales like we had in the shop.

Scott: We brought the toastie maker from the shop and got some electricity for it. So we can offer toasties for an extra 25p and we can offer soup as well. And our cake of course, so even more product diversification.

Lauren: It definitely helps to offer a variety, we’ve been surprised how much it helps, especially when we offer freebie bites of cake, that seemed to work even better than our sarnie tasters.

Scott: And we got some return trade – a few of our old customers came back and said they’d missed us while we were at the shop. That said, we’re considering some new locations, perhaps more of a trendy market or an event, which might suit our personalities better. You’ve got to play to your strengths.

Trade is brisk


Elvis panini

Lauren: But then we had a dissatisfied customer. He came back and returned a panini saying it was burnt. And when we looked, the burn mark looked like the face of Elvis, y’know, the king of rock ’n’ roll.

Scott: We took it back and refunded his money of course. But then we thought, maybe we could do something with this. Our busker came back, and she sang a few Elvis and sarnie-related tunes.

Then the lawyer who sued us and shut us down, heard about the Elvis panini on social media and came to visit, because he’s a massive Elvis fan. He had his picture taken with the panini and he agreed to drop the lawsuit. So we’ll be going back to the shop next week. We’ve got some great new ideas for it too.

Can you see him yet?


Profit and loss

Scott: We didn’t do so well today, but we’re still overall in profit.

Lauren: Not much wastage though, we’re getting better at being prepared, only making what we’re reasonably sure we can sell, but being prepared to make more in a hurry if needs be.


Lessons learned

Scott: We’ve learned that our product is good. We asked for feedback from yesterday’s office orders and they all said they liked what we’d done. So that was encouraging.

Lauren: And we’ve learned what a crucial part our personalities play in making this work. People like to buy from people they like and I think we come across as okay, really. There was a fire drill in an office this morning and when everyone came out we were able to walk up and down offering sandwiches and having a laugh with the people while they were waiting. That worked really well. And we also get on really well together – even if we’re getting on each other’s nerves, we know we’ve got each other’s backs.


Next week

It’s the last day for The Sarnie Business, with a very special guest.



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