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Stay in control as you pass through the Rest of the World

By Ed Rix, Business Roaming, Telefónica UK

The world is changing, and this is even more apparent for people travelling abroad.

Working in Europe is more like working in the UK. But what about when you travel beyond Europe?

The rest of the world is now the key roaming battleground for Network operators. The networks that we buy our services off beyond Europe are not aligned by regulation, so their charges can fluctuate widely from one country to the next. This means that it’s really tricky to provide a fixed price package that gives business customers the ability to roam as freely as they would like.

As a major network, we won’t allow that to deter us from our pursuit of the best possible customer experience.

This is where it gets interesting. Our research shows that first and foremost, customers are looking for control. They want to be able to connect, simply and quickly, with full knowledge of what they will be charged. After an analysis of all of our business customers that roam beyond Europe, we can identify that 90% of travel usage is conducted in just 87 destinations. That means that if we can provide a compelling customer proposition in those countries and ensure that we offer a fixed price data only solution in all the other countries, then we can satisfy the needs of our business travellers within a single pass.

We’ve therefore developed the Rest of World Pass to meet this demand for control. For less than the price of two pints of beer, you can get your hands on all the data, calls and texts you need to keep your business operating outside Europe. The Rest of World Pass is another way that we put our customer needs and wants first. For a fixed price of £7.50, it gives you up to 500MB of data, and 200 minutes of calls within the country of travel or back to the UK and 200 texts to use every 24 hours, in 87 countries beyond Europe and up to 50 Mb of data to use in all other countries. No unexpected charges, no nasty shocks on your bill. And if you want to continue to use even more data, you can just take another pack. If you don’t want your staff to take more data, then you can hold the cost at £7.50, by capping at one Pass per 24 hours. You stay in control of costs, employees can work from anywhere, and your customers get a better service.

Communicating freely while on business travel outside Europe needn’t cause any headaches. Visit our website to find out more about our Rest of World Pass for business customers.

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