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Digital transformation, buzzword of the year?

By Carmen Cuadra Gómez, public sector marketing manager, O2

Today the phrase ‘digital transformation’ is commonly used by C-level executives and within most business plans.  It’s become the new buzz word. But does everyone really understand what digital transformation is? Or more importantly, how to achieve it?

At O2 we are constantly working to transform ourselves digitally, whether that’s changing the way we work and closing our entire HQ for a day or collaborating on exciting new projects such as 5G or Smart Homes.  It’s important to remember that change is not always brought about by new technology alone, it can need a shift in thinking too. That’s why we are always looking for ways in which we can work with businesses and organisations to help them meet their digital agenda. Whether you’re a one-man-band of a company or a big multi-national, we believe that no matter the size of the organisation, a focus on digital should be at the heart of your strategy.

That’s why at the start of the year when we came across the Next Gen Digital challenge awards, we were eager to join up with them and create what has become the O2 NextGen Digital Challenge awards 2016. The awards are a tribute to all those businesses and organisations that are working hard to put digital at the centre of what they do, ranging from charities to local councils and hospitals.

Last night (Thursday 13th October) the awards were held at the House of Lords in Westminster.  I was privileged enough to attend and had the opportunity to witness the vast amount and great calibre of projects and organisations that had been shortlisted, all of which followed the theme of digital innovation. Special congratulations must go to British Red Cross, who won our O2 Digital Champions award.

As an organisation we are always keen to see, experience and support others in driving their digital agenda. To find out more about the awards please visit the NextGen website or to see what happened on the night search for our hashtag on twitter #O2NextGen16.

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