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The digital revolution is happening. Don’t get left behind.

By Peter Asman, Head of ICT for Public Sector and Regulated Markets, O2

The fact I’m far more likely to leave home without my wallet than my mobile, as are most of my peers, just shows how much we value the effortless connectivity that having a mobile to hand gives us. It’s the same at work. Mobile technology is now at the centre of every business and will only expand further as 4G covers the UK and we start to understand what 5G will deliver. This is why I urge every organisation that hasn’t embraced a Digital Workplace Transformation project to do so, and fast!

When exploring what a digital strategy needs to do, I think it’s worth understanding two key things:

  1. Is your mobile platform secure and well managed? There are a number of solutions, which suggest they support and manage every device and ensure users can gain access to business critical applications to be more productive.  But in reality it’s a minefield.  So many options, so many apps and always the risk of confusion. Even at O2, we find customers who think that their mobile device management platform guarantees them cyber security, but it’s not always the case.  It’s why we take the time and effort to understand our customers’ infrastructure and how their people need to work. The platforms we supply to our customers to mobilise their organisations are always shaped to the needs of the business, and have a strong security wrap at the core.
  2. Innovation – are you talking to a supplier who can drive innovation in three key areas?
    • Commercials and Contracts – have you got an easy-to-use single-sourced contract with standard, realistic terms and conditions to deliver on your expectations?  Plus one bill which is easy to understand, gives you the detail you need and the flexibility to be able to analyse each line item?
    • Service – do you get one SLA covering your tech and giving you one point of contact to fix issues quickly and ensure a great customer experience?
    • Technology – can your supplier cover the five vital areas for digital transformation?  That’s Mobile Device Management (MDM), Unified Communications (UC), Cloud, Wide Area Networking (WAN) and Security.

A good place to start with digital transformation project is to look at your existing PBX platform and understand if it can be upgraded to a UC platform. Over time, we typically see an RoI of up to 80% on current costs.  Imagine a world where an employee walks into an office and can securely and wirelessly connect in an instant to access all the back end applications whilst maintaining and even increasing their productivity. Or a contact centre operative who can walk into the call centre and instantly authenticate and connect to the system purely via the mobile in their pocket. Any device, anywhere and always secure!

This is available today and lots of large organisations are rolling out new platforms to gain cost savings while simultaneously improving customer experience and sales. Which just goes to show digital transformation should be on your agenda.  If I can help, please just contact me.  Or you can find out how we’re helping other organisations here.

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