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3 ways to take conference calls out of the dark ages

Kirolus Ghattas, Digital Business Development Manager at O2, asked customers what they really wanted from a conference call service. What they said helped him create O2 Just Call Me, the app that’s redefining how businesses make conference calls.

Kirolus Ghattas, Digital Business Development Manager at O2

Love it or hate it, conference calling has become the new normal for many businesses. It certainly is for me – the vast majority of my meetings, and indeed a big chunk of my working day, consists of conference calls.

But why, in our digital age, is joining and participating in a call so, well, ‘analogue’? Back in 2014 we asked our customers about their problems with conference calls. Having to remember and then dial long bridge numbers and access codes, and not knowing who’s on the call, were cited as the biggest frustrations.

They were also fed up with high call costs. That’s when we set out to improve this experience and bring conference calling into the 21st century.


1. The first direct dial conference calling solution – no PINs needed

O2 Just Call Me is the first audio conferencing solution to directly connect multiple callers together, without the need for the switchboard (bridge) or PIN. It simply turns a user’s mobile number into a conference call. The host of the call schedules a call via an app or via their email calendar. Participants join the call by dialling the host’s mobile number which they already have in their contacts list – nice and easy.


2. Complete control of the call

As well as vastly simplifying the joining experience, the service gives the host full visibility and control of who’s joined the call.  The host can lock the call once all attendees have arrived and they can even mute or remove any unwanted or noisy guests, making it incredibly secure.  It’s also the first of its kind to offer slick back to back conference calls.


3. No hefty price tag

Some conference calling solutions based on pence per minute cost over £30 for a one-hour call with four people. But with O2 Just Call Me, the host pays just £5 per month for unlimited conference calls and participants pay the cost of a standard mobile call – and that’s free if they’re also on an O2 Business tariff.

With this slicker, digital and cost-effective alternative, conference calls are going to become even more popular, and much less frustrating. Can O2 Just Call Me do for audio conferencing calling what WhatsApp and Snapchat have done for SMS? Can it become what Uber is to taxi rides, or Netflix to home entertainment? We certainly hope so.


Want a better way to make conference calls for your business? Find out more about O2 Just Call Me


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