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Owl Get It – why one small business relies on smart connectivity

Smart connectivity is at the heart of many small, local businesses like Owl Get It. A reliable 4G connection at all times has gone from a nice-to-have to an essential part of the business plan.

During holidays from his university course, Kunal Kumar did deliveries for a Chinese takeaway, and found that customers would often ask him to pick up other things on the way. “They’d say, ‘Can you pick me up some milk because I can’t leave the house because my kids are here. Disabled customers who were housebound, I’d also try to help them out.”

From this simple idea, Owl Get It was born.

“The internet has completely changed the game,” says Kunal. “That whole idea about being able to provide convenience for people, for the people of my community, was what gave me the idea for Owl Get It. Now we deliver within three miles of Leicester city centre, anything you need within an hour, for a small fee.”


More than just deliveries

Owl Get It bills itself as much more than just a food courier. It’s a concierge service, offering to bring you anything you want, anytime. And that means being constantly connected.

“My whole business works because of the internet,” says Kunal. “There are four people that all need to be connected to one another. That’s the customer, the establishment or restaurant that need the delivery, my drivers and myself.

“Customers order online. As operations manager I need the internet to see where the drivers are and to make sure all the orders are okay. Our drivers need to have excellent O2 4G coverage on their phones so they can receive their orders on their driver app that’s been developed by us. The restaurants have their own ‘Owl Get It’ app on the tablet we provide to them that can connect either over their own wifi or via an O2 Wifi hotspot.

“Without these four sectors all being connected and everyone talking to each other, the business simply wouldn’t be able to function.”


Smart connectivity

Constant connection to the internet, by 4G or wifi, is essential to Kunal’s business model, as is the need for flexible tariffs to allow his business to scale up or down as he needs to. It’s a partnership that’s working well.

“When I finished university I moved in to the corporate world managing huge accounts, but it wasn’t enough. I’m really just at the beginning of my journey. When my family first came to this country we didn’t live in a nice part of Leicester, but my father worked hard and now runs his own successful garment business. If he managed to do it, why can’t I?”


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