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How to make better business videos on your smartphone

If you’re a small business looking to create video, you could already have everything you need to get started in your pocket – your not-so-humble smartphone.

Be prepared

Most modern day phones and tablets record Full HD video. This is the resolution you will likely need for YouTube and most corporate video or vlog content. High-end flagship smartphones can even record 4K video. This resolution is double that of Full HD, so you can crop in on it when you come to edit your videos. The resolution can be changed in your camera settings.

The next step is deciding what you’re going to film. You should never try to wing it. Create a script, map out a story board and really try and visualise what you want your end product to look like – it will save time and lead to better results later.

If you plan on walking or panning with your footage while recording, you should consider a smartphone with image stabilisation such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge or Microsoft Lumia 650 for example. This will reduce the effects of shaky hands, walking or even running in your video.


HD settings


Use dedicated accessories

Mobile phones move – the clue’s in the name – and even with image stabilisation you’re likely to get more shake than you’d want. To get genuinely steady shots, take a tip from the pros and shoot using a tripod. There are lots available and the Manfrotto Pixi is one affordable, baggable, example.

Pair it with a Twist Grip smartphone tripod head and an LED light kit, and you’ll be guaranteed the best looking footage possible with a smartphone set-up – each of these is available for around £40.


Manfrotto Pixi smartphone tripod


Try a new lens

The iPhone, for example, won’t let you swap out the sapphire glass lens on the camera, but you can overlay a wide-angle, optical zoom, or macro lens such as the Ollo Clip combo, costing around £60.


Ollo Clip clip-on lens


Use editing software

Once you’ve captured your footage, you’ll need to edit it. With smartphone footage you can do this on the device itself.

A lot of Android smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Sony Xperia Z5 offer simple video trimming on your phone. This is enough if you don’t mind your videos being a little bit rough around the edges and lacking in titles.

For more comprehensive editing, you can export the footage captured on your smartphone to a MacBook or PC, or download a free video application like Viva Video to get a full editing suite at your fingertips.

If you have an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, both come with iMovie which offer start to finish editing across a range of templates and styles, so you can add text overlays, soundtracks and transitions.


Viva Video editing suite


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