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Delivering value for money to the public sector – the O2 Value Calculator


By Kelvin Prescott: Business Development Manager, Public Sector Business at O2

Have you ever tried working out which mobile tariff is best for you? Well having done this for my father last month, I can safely say that it’s not easy. There’s lots to think about: how many calls you make, whether you need a great international rate, choosing between pay as you go or pay monthly, and the tricky question of data – how much do you really need?

Working this out for yourself or a family member is tough enough, but try managing this for everyone in your company. For example, Planning Officers are out on site visits every day, checking emails, calling back to base, constantly using their devices. So, they probably want all-inclusive voice and plenty of data. But how much data is enough? What about the Finance team – what do they need? Working out the best option for each user can be really complicated, and as a result you could risk paying for services that don’t get used. That’s not good value for money.

Buying what users need – but how do you know?

At O2, we put people first and focus on the real needs of users. That’s why we designed the Value Calculator from O2, which starts with your users and the kind of work they do, and then finds the best combination of products and services that meets their needs. User profiles are drawn from research undertaken by the Cabinet Office identifying the different working patterns and requirements of public sector workers. We’ve matched this with our own records on how much voice and data different users actually consume, and the results are surprising. For example, over an example 6 month period only 2.5% of public sector users actually exceeded 1GB of data usage per month.

Data Usage                    % used: Private               % used: Public

Under 100MB                              60.50%                             79.90%
100MB – 500MB                         22.00%                             14.80%
500MB – 1GB                               8.50%                               2.90%
Over 1GB                                      9.00%                              2.50%

People often assume that when it comes to data, more is better. But 85% of public sector users use less than 100MB of data each month. A generous offer might sound great, but the money is wasted if the data isn’t actually needed.

The same applies to voice calls and texts. We found that public sector users make on average just 47 minutes of mobile calls per month, and (perhaps less surprisingly) only 2% made any international calls at all.

 Building a simple business case

We also wanted to make it much easier for buyers to understand the likely Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of mobile voice and data, so that they can quickly build a business case. Analysing your bills and working out what each user requires can be complicated and can take an enormous amount of time.

That’s why we’ve done the hard work and simplified the process with the Value Calculator from O2. The key factors that affect your costs are:

  • How many users you have to buy for
  • What kind of work they do
  • What sort of handset they need for work

The Value Calculator uses these factors combined with information you input about your organisation, to work out what each user needs, find the best tariff for them, and calculate the costs. What’s more, it can compare the results to your current bill to demonstrate how much you could save. It even works out a 24 month Total Cost of Ownership and a pro-forma business case for you to use. You can then adjust the assumptions and details to create a tailored business case that reflects your specific needs. That way, you can be confident that you are buying what your users need, and that you’re getting the best value. And don’t worry – all the information you input is totally confidential. We won’t keep or use it, unless you ask us to contact you to explore the findings.

To try the Value Calculator from O2 for yourself, visit our our Public Sector Catalogue. And for more information, just call us on 0800 955 5590 or email us at


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