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No square pegs in round holes here

By Libby Hunter: Resourcing Business Partner, Telefónica UK

Whenever I talk about my role (Resourcing Business Partner), my team (Resourcing) and my department (Human Resources), I’m always sure to remind both myself and whoever I’m speaking to that the “resources” we’re talking about aren’t just another area of company infrastructure or assets – they’re living, breathing, sentient individuals, with their own unique skills and personalities. For me, it’s essential to remember that my job is dealing with people, and that people need to be put first for successful business. This begins with our in-house Resourcing team. It’s our responsibility to ensure we find the best fit for each role and individual, every time.

Our team supports the business across all directorates to recruit the best talent, working with line managers to identify the right candidates – whether they’re internal people or external new hires. We have 14 recruiters and Resourcing Business Partners who are each aligned to specific parts of the business, so they can build expertise in a key area. Between us, we recruit for an average of 900 roles per year across our UK business. And that doesn’t even include a lot of roles in our high street shops. It’s a mammoth task, but we love what we do.

And we don’t just think about the here and now. We work proactively with the business and wider HR department to review future recruitment needs and plan accordingly. For example, we carry out what we call “Talent Pipelining” for recurring roles such as Business sales positions and entry level Finance roles – this involves engagement and ongoing communication with potential candidates through platforms like LinkedIn and Cielo. And we work closely with the Talent team to support internal mobility across the business, which is a crucial part of putting our people first. We encourage our people to explore new opportunities in the business, support internal candidates with applications, and guide them through the interview process. To help with this, we run one-to-one Career Coaching, LinkedIn Workshops, and Interview Skills Workshops for managers. We’ll even extend these opportunities to our visitors where possible.

There are times where we design and run specific recruitment programmes or processes, like we did for our Stores of the Future project or for the recruitment of graduates and interns. We’ve also trialled a Careers Returners programme to help people get back into work after a career break. And as technology advances, we’re keen to use this to our advantage. We helped build a landing page for a Finance Graduate Assessment Day to help us sign up anyone interested at universities, we’re implementing a new applicant tracking system and CRM tool, and we regularly use online testing early in the recruitment process to make sure the best fit of candidate is progressed. We make full use of tools such as social media, job boards, CV databases and of course, LinkedIn. But we’ll never forget the importance of face-to-face engagement, which is why we’re active at industry events and careers fairs to network and connect with potential applicants.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to hiring the right skills, experience and attitude. And we focus on finding the right fit for any vacancy, regardless of gender, sexuality, race or religion. The last thing we want is for our people to feel like square pegs in round holes. If you’d like to see our current vacancies, visit our careers site or feel free to contact me directly. And to find out how technology can help you put your own people first, visit our Enterprise website.

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