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How to do business in Paris during Euro 2016

Whether you’re staying with friends, checking into a hotel or doing the Airbnb thing, if you’re off to Paris for the Euros, but still need to keep your business running, here’s a quick guide to a few things to consider.

O2 Travel

Whichever stadium you’re visiting, be sure to take O2 Travel with you. For just £1.66 (ex VAT) you’ll get calls, texts and all the data you need while you’re on the move. You can leave your roaming on without worrying about a scary bill when you get back because you know exactly what you’ll be paying each day.

Phone, or tablet?

Naturally you’ll have your favourite smartphone, and perhaps a laptop. But have you considered a tablet, giving you all the power you need to look after your business and portability too? Any of the latest iPads will serve you well but also think about the Microsoft Surface 3 4G LTE – get it with the screen cover keyboard and it gives you the full Windows 10 experience plus network access, all in a lightweight device you can slip into a bag.


Best to get them before you go. Microsoft Office 365 so you can use your favourite apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, as well as access all your work documents via the cloud while you’re away. McAfee Multi Access will make sure your phone and your data are protected if un voleur has it away with your device. You can download a guide to the Paris metro from your phone’s app store and after the match, choose a good tourist app from to help you find your way around, like Yelp or TripAdvisor.

Wifi hotspots

You may get lucky and come across one of the hundreds of cafes and bars currently offering free wifi in the City of Lights. But just to be sure, check out a guide to hotspots for the areas you’re likely to be in, like this one from about travel.

Cables and accessories

Make sure you’ve got all the right cables – and don’t forget European power adaptors. If you can, make sure you’ve got a long power cable or an extension lead. You may have to stretch to reach that power point in the back of the café.

Credit cards

It seems obvious but some cards can help you rack up more points deals and air miles than others – it’s not always best to just bung all your expenses on your standard card. Check out one of the comparison sites like MoneySuperMarket, Comparethemarket or GoCompare to see which will get you the best deals this summer.

Keep track of your expenses

Paper receipts are often printed on thermal paper, which can fade quickly. Use your phone to take a quick snap of your receipts as you go along. This also makes it easier to submit them by email. And while you’re at it, take pics of your passport and travel documents too – just in case.

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