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Cloud, Mobility and Unified Comms: Is it time for an MOT?

By Philip Wicks: Alliance Director at Telefónica UK

Technology has been available to businesses for some years now. Giving us the ability to collaborate, share information, and work from anywhere we choose. Consequently, technologists and analysts have predicted ever-increasing productivity, revenue growth and speed to market. And many organisations have subsequently reached for an exotic mix of technologies and services, eager to reap these benefits for themselves.

But all too often, a poor user experience and overly complex management just doesn’t justify the hype of this technology.

A simple internet search for “conference call” will throw up various spoof videos highlighting the hilarity of conference calls and video conferences. These are all very amusing, but the reality is somewhat damning for those promoting smarter and more flexible ways of working. Whether it’s poor connectivity, the lack of compatibility between disparate IT systems, or a lack of user training, these videos depict results that are worlds away from the promised gains of organisational growth and employee engagement.

But technology doesn’t have to be so complicated. It just needs to be carefully managed. The promised land of improved collaboration and enhanced worker productivity and customer service is achievable. The technologies are maturing. Flexibility provided by mobility, combined with the change in IT delivery via ‘off-premise’ Cloud-based computing, can deliver solutions that provide more effective ways to work — regardless of location or communications device.

The key is in helping you make the appropriate choices for your organisation whilst maintaining existing systems or processes. At O2, we have learnt through our own experiences how to transform whilst maintaining award-winning customer service and extremely high employee engagement. We have a simple methodology: ‘Manage, Optimise, Transform’ (MOT). This is now helping many of the UK’s leading organisations to take advantage of the latest technologies without impacting their day-to-day operations.

The three-stage process begins by maintaining your existing systems. By understanding the way you currently work, we can start building a roadmap to transformation together. Then we look at not just what you need but what you don’t need, making the most of what you have, and establishing a strong foundation for the next step. Then we can develop a system that grows and adapts to suit your business’s needs.

So whether you want basic telephony or full managed Unified Comms as a Service (UCaaS ) it doesn’t have to be complicated. Just make sure your MOT is up to date!

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