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By Robert Sandford: Managing Partner for Finance and Professional Services, Telefónica UK

Regulations, regulations, regulations. The world of finance is governed by them.

UK financial institutions are legally required to follow certain policies, and for good reason. Each year more and more complaints and fines are issues to banks for breaches in their security. In the mobile world, the FCA brought in new policies which made it compulsory for UK financial institutions to record their customer calls. And there are similar regulations in place in the US, under the Dodd-Frank Act. These policies mandate that any calls involving client agreements must be recorded.

But companies shouldn’t just consider purchasing a mobile recording solution because they legally have to. They should look at purchasing it because of the huge range of benefits it can offer, both to an organisation and its customers.  Regulations like this should never be just about ticking boxes. Mobile recording exists to protect your business and customers in a more digital age.

That’s why when I think of mobile recording and the benefits it can bring to UK businesses, I think of:

  • Managing performance and staff training accurately and fairly
  • Providing an insurance policy to protect your business when things go wrong, giving you the power to get things resolved swiftly and professionally
  • Access to valuable analytics to drive continuous improvement
  • And above all, putting people first – by allowing employees to work more productively and flexibly, wherever and whenever they need to.

And mobile recording shouldn’t just be used in the financial world; these benefits are universal. Whether you’re a bank, a retail organisation or a construction firm, mobile recording will have its place.

Let’s look at two examples.

“Just checking in.”

  • As part of health and safety, employees working on potentially risky or dangerous sites like railway lines are required to call into a control centre throughout the day to confirm their wellbeing. Mobile recording can be used to great effect to store these calls, ready to be referred to in the event of  an audit.

“I never asked for custom alloys!”

  • Car companies could use mobile recording to capture voice conversations between sales people and customers regarding their order, specifically the customised specifications of the cars.  This gives them a fully traceable audit trail of conversations and reduces the chance of miss-selling, misunderstandings and awkward conversations about the details of an order. Mobile recording gives you a perfect record of your customer interactions.

Therefore the main benefit of mobile recording is all about giving you greater control over your interactions, without compromising the experience for the most important people of all: your customers. Find out more about our mobile recording offering on our website.

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