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Your office in your pocket

Thanks to quicker mobile internet, the evolution of portable tech components and the unstoppable rise of the smartphone, application suites like Microsoft Office 365 have become readily available across devices of all shapes and sizes.

Perhaps the most obvious choice to go with if you want to work on the go with ease, is a smartphone. No we’re not pulling your leg, any smartphone on the market will play nice with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, all of which are available with Office 365 from O2 Business.

If you’re one of those who don’t like to be confined to working on a small screen and are seeking a PC replacement for working on the move, here are three pieces of tech that put your office in your pocket.


Raspberry Pi 3

A fully connected PC in your pocket

First up is the ultimate in geekery – the Raspberry Pi 3. For just £30, you get a PC that can quite literally fit in your pocket Aesthetically it isn’t particularly easy on the eye, it just looks just like a circuit board, but look closer and you’ll see a host of ports for quick and easy connectivity.

Whip it out of your pocket and hook it up to the TV via HDMI, the mains via microUSB, and a mouse/keyboard combo via one of the four USB ports. And with a micro SD card slot for storage, all the bases are covered, including wifi and Bluetooth to keep you connected.

Unless you’re a programming whiz though, the Linux interface of the Raspberry Pi 3 might be a touch on the complicated side. But if you’re the sort of person who’s not afraid of a bit of coding, it’s really an extraordinary bit of kit (and is there anything that Google/YouTube can’t teach you?).


Lenovo IdeaCentre Stick 300

A PC on a stick

Number two in our list offers a far more elegant, accessible option.

The Lenovo Idea Centre Stick 300 isn’t only a PC in your pocket; it’s a PC on a stick. Thanks to an HDMI connection on one end, it easily plugs into any standard HD TV. The Idea Centre also has 32GB of on-board memory and expandability via micro SD card, wifi, Bluetooth and a USB port.

This mini-machine can be paired with virtually any Bluetooth keyboard, though our ideal pairing would be the Microsoft Media Keyboard. But conveniently it boasts both a keyboard and a track-pad, so there’s no need for separate devices or flat, mouse-friendly surfaces.

The best thing about the Idea Centre 300 is its ability to run Windows 10. This means full Office 365 support and a familiar user interface (no Googling necessary). It’s perfect for those who like to travel light, whether in a hotel room with a HDTV or plugging into a presentation screen when pitching for business.

Microsoft Display Adapter

Connect your phone or tablet to a display, keyboard and mouse

For those of you that fancy travelling even lighter, the Microsoft Display Adapter has you covered, weighing in at just 109g.

We’ll admit that this isn’t quite an office in your pocket, but paired with a Microsoft Lumia 950 smartphone, Windows tablet or PC, it most certainly has the potential to be. Just plug the unassuming cable into an HDTV via a USB port and open the Continuum app. Or alternatively you can use your smartphone to project your Windows 10 screen onto a laptop or tablet, and you’re away.

If you’re using a phone you can use the on-screen keyboard, or hook up a Bluetooth keyboard using the phone display as a track-pad. This way, you can edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents with all the convenience of a big screen when combining two bits of pocketable tech with an Office 365 subscription from O2 Business.

For maximum portability, our keyboard of choice is the Microsoft Folding Keyboard, light and compact enough to fit in a blazer pocket.

And there you have it, three tech packages (and two Bluetooth keyboards) that can create an office straight from your pocket, no matter where you are.

For more information about Office 365 from O2 Business or the Lumia 950, and to find some great deals and bargains, go to the O2 Business shop.

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