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Crouch. Touch. Pause. Engage your business with O2 Gateway

By Andy McEwan: Head of Business Connectivity Products, Telefónica UK

We often hear of the parallels between sport and business. The importance of teamwork, the crucial nature of communication, the fundamental significance of being well-prepared for challenges. Pressures, planning, practice. There’s plenty of common ground.

Here at O2, we bring sport and business together every year with our annual O2 Biz Rugby tournament, which is taking place this year on 12th May. And as a keen rugby fan, I’ve started to realise that it’s not just generic words like “team” or “competition” that can be applied to both business and sports. I believe that the modern corporate environment shares specific similarities with a serious game of rugby. Not convinced? Just hear me out…

Your teammate is your colleague.

Your opposition is your competition.

Your coach is your leader.

Your game plan is your strategy.

Your team chant is your marketing.

Your fans are your customers.

The game is your everyday business.

And the try line is, unsurprisingly, the goal – to delight your fans.

I’ll take the analogy further with an example: the scrum. Arguably the backbone of a strong winning team, the scrum sets a precedent for the performance of the team and demonstrates how powerful cooperation can be. Without a strong scrum you are already on the back foot.

And for us, at O2, the business equivalent of the scrum is connectivity.

We have grown to count on connectivity as the foundation of successful business. Whether it’s in forging new relationships, building collaborative teams, or delivering brilliantly for customers, reliable and unconstrained connectivity is no longer just a “nice to have”: it’s essential. We offer a first-of-its kind package of mobile, wifi and fixed line called O2 Gateway. Because we know that without dependable connectivity, it’s hard to get things done.

Problems with the scrum and issues with connectivity can lead to frustration, wasted time, and tension between team members – unwanted symptoms that managers both on and off the pitch would like to avoid. But when it all comes together, you’re set. Just like a tight-knit scrum, strong connectivity can help to bring the team together and allow for the flow of the game to continue. It unites the team and drives the collective agenda, opening up possibilities for flexibility and agility. It gets everyone working stronger and better together, driving towards the try line, delivering results, delighting your customers.

There are plenty of synergies between the pitch and the boardroom. So whether you’re donning your Puma boots or your Prada brogues, remember that we can all benefit from focusing on our team and how we connect with them, wherever they are.

Visit our website to find out more about the connectivity solutions we offer, and follow @O2BusinessUK on Twitter to keep up to date on our #o2bizrugby activity.

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