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Inventions changing small businesses

Email is often lauded as the cornerstone of any business, and for good reason. It allows for quick and easy communication from wherever you are, whenever you need it (assuming we have Wi-Fi of course).

But in an age where technology and integration continue to grow at break-neck speed, there are a number of other clever inventions that are starting to make life even easier. These tools help smaller businesses operate efficiently, without costing them the world.

The battery dilemma

With all the aforementioned changes in technology over the years, many people still find it baffling that we all have to worry about battery-life so much. It’s an eternal, daily struggle against the dreaded red bar, causing many to resort to stealing chargers from their colleagues and friends (it’s ok, we’ve all done it).

The good news is that Will Zell and his team at Nikola Labs, a startup based in Columbus, Ohio, are working on self-charging phones. Yes, you read that right.

The idea is relatively simple– by attaching their revolutionary case (for iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6) to your phone it’ll start capturing some of the radio waves that the phone transmits. It then converts them to electricity, and feeding that power back to the phone’s battery. A game-changer for those who do a lot of travelling for business.

Up in the air

While emails have indeed made sharing easier and more convenient, the arrival of reliable cloud-based services, like O2 Office 365 with flexible Business Essentials tariffs, have revolutionised the way small businesses are able to work.

Whether you want to collaborate on a document or work on a design project at the same time from different locations, this kind of service makes it a possibility.

And the best thing is that it’s so accessible to even the smallest businesses. Each allows easy upgrades and downgrades, as well as the addition of business-based apps as and when you need them.

In an instant

WhatsApp has stormed the instant messaging industry. Widely adopted, it has become an ideal medium – offering a fast and convenient alternative to email for work.

Being able to start groups with multiple members, allowing discussions to take place, questions to be asked and plenty of images to be shared, it is a great alternative to the email chain. Small businesses that provide their employees with work phones benefit greatly from the use of instant messaging software – it’s cheap, requires no training and is often familiar to people already.

With tech developments happening fast, it can be hard to identify the inventions that are going to really disrupt the business landscape. The three we’ve explored are either on the cusp of that, or are already doing it, so you can make your small business life easier.

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