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O2 and Box: The paperless partnership

By William Buller, Mobility Consultant at Telefónica UK

You must have heard by now – O2 is going paperless. #O2Paperless.

I have to admit I was a slow adopter, relying as I do on my trusty notebook. But a recent meeting with our partners at Box changed my mind. We work with Box to deliver collaboration and content management solutions to our customers and they showed me the full potential of paperless working. It’s not just about switching off the printers and using OneNote to take meeting notes. It’s about having our business content online, so we can download and upload whenever and wherever. For a business that works flexibly and is totally dependent on mobile devices, it’s a godsend.

Now, I use the Box app on my smartphone and tablet to manage my files wherever I am. Admittedly, some people have been doing this for ages – like Rowan Jameson, Managing Partner of Business Services. Rowan has said that being able to access information from multiple devices helps her work on the move to get more done in less time.

This becomes even more powerful when it’s matched up with the ability to collect and consolidate information. Imagine if you could create a simple mobile form for your teams to use – it could be a feedback form for a training course or a document to report IT issues. Better still, you can easily attach photos, geo tagging and voice recordings. With Box, you can do all of this. And all the information is held securely in the cloud ready to be reviewed, analysed and shared by anyone who has authorisation.

But that’s not all.

Using Box, documents can be filtered and moved into different folders according to the action required. Box can also support DocuSign so you can securely sign and manage documents online from any device. This means you can go one step further towards true paperless working. Customers can sign for deliveries or contracts on a tablet and have the completed document available online immediately.

Paperless working also benefits businesses with lots of mobile workers who gather data on paper-based forms. Supported by Box, you can ditch the paper but still have a complete trail of all documents online – safe and secure – with no need to re-enter data from paper forms.

To me, it seems like there’s a use case for paperless working in almost every industry.

Visit our website to find out more about Box, or why not take a look at our other O2 Paperless blogs.

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