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Mrs Rodial – flourishing in the beauty business

How do you take an idea and turn it into a successful business? That’s a tough question to answer. The path to success is full of ups and downs.

For a bit of enlightenment we spoke to Maria Hatzistefanis to see how she took an idea for skincare products and turned it into Rodial, a global beauty business with products sold across 35 countries. Turns out it pays to be flexible.

O2 and Cebr Research

While Rodial might be flourishing, growing your business into a global success isn’t guaranteed. It depends on your idea, personal motivation, whether there’s demand for your business and the health of the industry you’re in. On this subject, Cebr (Centre for Economics and Business Research) and O2 Business have released a study revealing the top ten growth industries and the ten most at risk. The evidence suggests that businesses both in growth and decline need to stay flexible, in order to adapt to the ups and downs of the marketplace.


Rodial is a remarkable success story and one well worth examining on this subject. As well as growing quickly, Maria Hatzistefanis’ business has to cope with the demands of seasonality – and this requires flexibility.

Maria explains: “It’s really important for me to be flexible throughout the business and to deal with the fluctuations of the market throughout the year. We have times of highs and lows due to the seasonality of our business. Christmas is an especially busy time for us because skincare is a very popular product for gifting and summer is a low season because lots of our customers travel.”

When planning to grow your business she advises: “It’s all super exciting to get new orders and new deals and grow your business but make sure you have the infrastructure and the right suppliers to help you take your business to the next level.”

Business Essentials

Whether you’re looking to scale up quickly like Mrs Rodial or stay agile to cope with seasonal demand, Business Essentials from O2 can really help. It’s a tariff that gives you the control and flexibility to choose exactly the right device, airtime and business apps for you, whenever you want.

When interviewed on the subject Ben Dowd, O2 Business Director said: “It’s encouraging to see the variety of growth industries in the UK, suggesting renewed economic confidence and a vibrant start-up scene. However, as the report shows, increased innovation and competition can result in some sectors struggling to cope with the pace of change. Too often, big businesses assume that all smaller businesses are the same – and offer one-size-fits-all solutions. At O2 we recognise this isn’t the case, which is why we’re putting our customers in control.”

If you think your business could benefit from Business Essentials you can find out more here.

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