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Is 2016 the year of the affordable office on-the-go?

There was once a time when every small business needed an office. Somewhere to keep your files, a desk for your computer and a place for meeting and presenting. Now all of these can be considered non-essentials. Why? Well, all of this of course:

The broad answer to the question above is the smartphone. Low-cost handsets today have as much power as high-end flagships from a few years ago and devices like the Microsoft Lumia 650 and Moto G 3rd Generation are giving businesses more bang for buck than ever before. But what makes them so good for doing business on-the-go?

Speedy Internet

Take web browsing and emails for starters. Both these smartphones offer 4G for speedy internet when out and about, as well as WiFi for office based downloads.

Great business apps

They also support Microsoft Outlook in addition to popular email and calendar platforms like Hotmail, Office 365 for Business, Gmail and Google Apps for work.

In fact, whether you’re on an Android Smartphone like the Moto G or a Windows 10 device like the Lumia 650, the full suite of Office 365 apps can be downloaded.

Office 365

Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint can be installed to read documents and email attachments at no additional cost.

If you need full editing capabilities, an Office 365 subscription available through O2 Business can be purchased.

This means access to full Office 365 across up to five devices per license as well as OneDrive cloud storage.

Versatile accessories

Hook the two phones up to a Bluetooth keyboard and thanks to their ample, 5-inch HD displays, the ergonomics of working on them begins to take the form of a real, mobile office.

Ingenious handsets

The Moto G is IPX7 water resistant. Ideal for outdoor workers who have to face the elements in day-to-day life – weatherproofing was once reserved for the highest-end flagships.

As for the Lumia 650, in addition to looking incredibly premium for the price, it has 16GB of internal memory. That’s enough room for 1,500,000 word documents.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons to opt for flagship Androids, iPhones and Windows 10 devices – higher resolution screens, fingerprint scanners and better cameras to name a few.

That said, arguably for the first time ever, even the lower-cost smartphones, like the Lumia 650 and Moto G 3rd Generation are more than covering the mobile office basics.

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