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O2 Gateway: laying the foundation for ICT transformation

by Pablo Echevarria: Head of Enterprise ICT , Telefónica UK

Digital transformation is happening everywhere you look. For many organisations, this is driven by the ever-changing expectations of their employees and also the customers they serve.

You will know that customers want a seamless experience across all digital channels and expect organisations and their employees to be contactable whenever, wherever. And let’s not forget employees. They want to use the same technology in work that they use out of work. At home, they might have a range of devices, apps and tools to help them make the most of the world – why should it be different during the working day?

But “digital” is a given in today’s world, so let’s forget that for a moment. The word we should really focus on is “transformation.” And if organisations are going to meet the expectations of their customers and the demands of their employees, they need to be ready and willing to transform their ICT.

At O2, we believe the starting point of ICT transformation is a foundation of seamless connectivity. We’re helping organisations achieve this with O2 Gateway. It’s the UK’s first truly integrated network that brings together mobile, fixed and wifi networks on a single platform. With converged access, everything is simplified and flexibility is built in.

The benefits are clear for everyone;

  • For your organisation: Your network becomes truly modernised and management becomes simple with multiple services provided through a single supplier. Once connected to O2 Gateway, rolling out additional services and scaling bandwidth up or down becomes much quicker.
  • For employees: Integration of our 3G and 4G networks directly into O2 Gateway provides a simple, direct connection for remote workers and devices into your corporate network. There’s also no need for private VPNs to keep data secure.
  • For your customers: As a result, customers can expect a better service from employees that are digitally equipped. You can also feel confident that your digital channels will work together seamlessly with O2 Gateway at the heart of your IT infrastructure.

So if transformation, simplicity and connectivity are important to your organisation, why not book an explore session to learn more about O2 Gateway or email

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