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O2 Smart Tracking: driving down fleet vehicle costs

by Vinnett Taylor: Head Of IoT & M2M Direct, Telefónica (O2) UK

Our customers tell us that managing a fleet of vehicles can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful.

At O2, we want to help. That’s why we’ve developed O2 Smart Tracking.

We believe the future is digital. With the right tools and technology valuable data can be collected and analysed, helping businesses make informed decisions and deliver effective solutions to reduce costs. And there’s so much O2 Smart Tracking can tell you. You can collect real-time data on mileage, engine diagnostics, driver behaviour, vehicle location, fuel and oil levels, tyre condition, battery status and seat belt engagement. Using this invaluable data allows our customers to see cost savings in a number of areas including:

  • Fuel consumption: Fleet managers can expect to see a 5% reduction in fuel costs using O2 Smart Tracking. By alerting drivers when speeding, fuel can be conserved. And it doesn’t have to be a drag – why not get drivers to compete to see who can be most fuel efficient? This is supported by efficiency reports showing fuel consumption data for all vehicles so you can compare drivers.
  • Route optimisation: Drivers can be dispatched effectively with the route optimisation tool. The tool helps drivers avoid traffic and alter routes where necessary to pick up and drop off extra deliveries saving time and fuel. Fleet managers can also see drivers in real-time for peace of mind.
  • Maintenance costs: The GPS device will measure a vehicle’s performance and condition so decision making is more informed. It becomes much easier to stay one step ahead of any potential problems. This means unexpected costly repairs, downtime and wasted maintenance expenses are prevented.

Our diagram below* shows the main expenditure areas and the savings that can be made:

business pic


There’s so many benefits to O2 Smart Tracking that I can’t fit them into just one blog! So, if you want to manage your fleet more effectively and save money in the process, please email  or visit our website.



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