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Detox your business not your life

Dry January not as dry as you’d hoped? Failing to keep to your strict diet? The first month of the year can be on the depressing side with the excesses of Christmas lingering on in various guises. But we’re keen to steer clear from the blues and set a goal that is actually achievable – and one that benefits you.

For 2016, don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself when it comes to detoxing – instead, focus your energies on your business. Give it a digital detox and start the New Year with a healthy, happy working environment. A headstart for a successful year awaits…

Reflect on and analyse past behaviour

Everyone’s familiar with the famous saying: ‘A healthy mind equals a healthy business’, right? So, just as you would for yourself, reflect back on what went well and what went wrong last year in your business and make resolutions to rectify mistakes. These can be as simple as cutting down on sending emails to more difficult ones like setting up the necessary processes for cloud computing, such as Office 365. This will enable remote working, making accessing and updating documents a breeze. It will also sync together your calendars, email and much more to streamline communication across your business.

Start small with your company cleanse

People can respond negatively to change, as it’s something they’re not used to. You can mitigate any negative responses by sending out a request for ideas as a first step. This way, people feel that they’re involved in the process and that they have had input in any changes that happen. Small changes that can be actioned immediately include setting up project-management tools such as Trello, or setting up a work-based WhatsApp group for better offsite communication. Small changes can go a long way and there are lots of little tweaks you can make, once you start the discussion.

Get your social media fighting fit

Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great ways to raise the profile of your business, but only if they’re used in the right way. If you’ve got social channels that are lying dormant, or ones that have irregular posting schedules, they could be the hidden business toxins you need to get rid off. Ask yourself essential questions: what is your channel there for? Is it useful? Do your customers use it? If you don’t need it, delete it. If you do, assign someone the responsibility of looking after the channel, with full support from the business and regular catch up meetings on progress and strategy.

Clear your office and get more (head)space

Most offices have their fair share of unused equipment lying around. From that disused scanner to those company phones that were upgraded last year, spend the first month of 2016 literally clearing the environment around you. Once you’ve collected all of your unused tech, don’t just throw it away, use recycling services like the gadget one offered by O2 and make a bit of extra money.

Refresh the way you work

Still writing notes by hand and then typing them up after a meeting? Maybe 2016 is the year to change your behaviour when it comes to business. Take your laptop, or even better, a tablet, when you’re out of the office so you can make notes quickly without needing to write them up. If you invest in cloud computing – such as Office 365 – to manage and store your data, these can then be shared with the entire team in the click of a button.

Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to a healthier, more energetic business for 2016.

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