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Happy New Year: some small business resolutions

Ho ho ho! I mean, Happy New Year.

Yes, it’s January. And what does January mean? Resolutions of course. You may remember last year we asked a selection of small businesses what their resolutions were for 2015. Well, we’re back to see how they got on and what they want to achieve in 2016:

Emma Jones – founder of small business network Enterprise Nation

With relief, we hit the 2015 resolution with the launch of Enterprise Nation TV (being supported by O2!) and delivery of day-to-day business support to thousands of start-ups and growing ventures. Does it sound boring to say 2016 will be much of the same? Delivering daily support, with a particular focus on helping small businesses export, make the most of the digital opportunity and sell to government. Oh, and I must keep getting to that gym!

Michael Hobson – entrepreneur and co-founder of 3Beards networking group

Last year, my resolutions were to do a digital spring clean – I managed to organise my messy Dropbox (and integrate a business account and personal account to keep things even tidier). I updated my client-facing documents, contracts, proposals, quotes, and invoices, and even made new business cards. I also got my security in order, putting all my passwords into OnePassword for extra protection.

This year, I’m going to tackle something I’ve been putting off for years, for I am a 30-year-old man who cannot drive.

Too long have I relied on London’s public transport – using trains, tubes, buses, bikes and taxis to get around – I’ve never really had a good reason to drive myself anywhere. But my 17-year-old brother just got his licence, which gave me a reality check.

I’m looking forward to finally understanding Top Gear, although by the time I’m done, we might all be sitting in self-driving autonomous machines anyway! I wonder how long before technology makes driving an obsolete skill, like reading paper maps, or flirting.

As well some of the businesses we spoke to last January we’ve also checked in with a few friends we met in the rest of 2015 to see what their small business resolutions are for 2016:


Tessa Wire – co-founder of online party emporium Pea Green Boat

We have lots of resolutions. We are starting the new year with new website tech support; we’re hoping for more SEO support and better communication with our customers as a result. We’ve also taken on a PR person, which will be completely new for us, and hope that will help bring in lots of new orders. We resolve to pay more attention to our business plan and to try and be more proactive rather than reactive…

Sue Burell – co-owner of Millgate Bed & Breakfast 

  1. Make more time to network with other businesses to make more connections.
  2. Actively monitor my online presence on social media and become more media savvy.
  3. Tidy my desk every day.
  4. Take regular time out to relax even if some days I only manage to walk down the lane to stand and stare at the River Ure.

Adrian Thomasowner and director of Belleville Brewery 

  1. To keep the quality of our beer high and make it even better, even while expanding.
  2. To get to grips with social media and learn to use my iPhone properly.

That’s it. The resolutions have been made. Now all that’s left to do is wait for the results! If you’ve made a resolution this year for your small business, tweet us at @O2businessUK.

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