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Christmas Countdown: Day 4

It’s Christmas Eve! That means it’s the final day of our small business Christmas countdown. Today’s all about the finishing touches and ensuring there’s no customer confusion in your absence.

There was once a time when all you had to do was turn the sign in your shop window from open to closed. These days you have the opportunity to be a little bit more helpful. Here’s how:

If your business is closed over Christmas you need to make sure that any potential customers have all the information they need to make a purchase or come back when you’re open. The first step is to get any information like opening times and contact details clearly stated on your website. However, the best place to deliver real-time information is social media.

Hopefully you have an active social presence but if not, now’s the time to start. (We’ve written a blog to show how small businesses can succeed with social media.) Once set up on social you need to do three things:

Choose your channel

Most likely you will have a Facebook and Twitter account and possibly Instagram or Pinterest. Each channel is used differently and has different strengths. Broadly, Facebook is a more magazine-style network capable of delivering a lot of information in one post with Twitter at the other end of the spectrum being more reactive with less space for information. The important thing though is to know your audience and how they like to consume information. If you have a huge Instagram following but not many likes on Facebook you should choose Instagram to deliver the message. And, if using Instagram, you should package up your information visually.

Decide what information to give

Customers will be much more forgiving about being inconvenienced if they have the right information. What is it that you want to say? Is it as simple as opening times? Do you want to apologise for being closed but give customers an incentive to come back by mentioning New Year sales? Again, know your audience and communicate in a way they’ll appreciate.

Pin it

If you want to keep tweeting and posting on Facebook over the festive period but keep all that key information at the top of your feed there’s a simple method: Pin it. Find the icon at the top right of your post on Facebook or bottom right of your tweet on Twitter and select to pin the post. That way it will stay at the top of your feed and be the first thing your customer sees until you decide to unpin.


Now all that’s left to do is turn on your out of office (make sure you do!) and enjoy a well-earned break.

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