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Christmas Countdown: Day 3

Hello there! It’s day three of four of our small business Christmas countdown. For those that missed day one and two, where on earth have you been? We covered the ins and outs of remote working and the importance of preparing for increased demand. At least you’re here now.

Today we’re covering rotas. Sounds simple, but it’s important to get it right. Here’s how:

Whether your business has irregular shift patterns or a simple 9 to 5, at Christmas things start getting complicated. The pace begins to slow and people take holiday but you still need to know what has to be done and who is going to cover it.

What’s your solution? A hand drawn table pinned up in the staff room? A complicated spreadsheet on the office desktop? Both can work but these days there are plenty of clever options to make things much easier. One of them being RotaGeek.

On a simple level RotaGeek is an online tool you can use to schedule staff shifts. It’s quick and agile and any last minute changes are automatically pinged out by text to staff members. On a slightly more complicated level RotaGeek is agile cloud software that can be used for many business needs such as payroll processing and holiday allowance. Watch how it helped O2 here:

There you have it. Easy to set up and when Grandma insists on ‘dropping in’ over Christmas, easy to change.

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