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Christmas Countdown: Day 2

Welcome back to our essential small business Christmas countdown (catchy). Daily tips that will help your business cope with the change of pace that occurs over the festive period.

Today it’s all about demand. In the lead up to Christmas, Cyber Monday and Black Friday take the headlines in terms of busy shopping days but believe it or not Christmas Day itself is becoming a very popular day to shop. Amazon have seen orders on the 25th of December increase five-fold in the last five years. Then, as the new year approaches, everything goes sale crazy. So what do you need to do to cope?

A safe place to start is to remember the 3 Ss:


If you are an e-commerce small business of course you need to make sure your server can handle the increased traffic. There are loads of server options out there but unless you are fielding thousands of extra sales, platforms like WordPress and Squarespace will be fine. If you are worried though you could look into a content delivery network or call your server provider.

Sales system

With increased traffic comes increased opportunity. Make sure you take advantage of this by making the buying process as easy as possible. Sales systems like Shopify does all the hard work for you by making the user journey incredibly direct and simple. Again though, the WordPresses and Squarespaces of this world also have good sales functionality.


If you are taking more orders, you absolutely have to make sure you can fulfil them. Both to maximise profit and to keep building the reputation of your business. Look at the figures from last year and use it as guide. If you expect demand to be high you could think about a temporary remote storage to house your stock.


Address the three Ss and you’ll be in good shape. Check back in tomorrow for the next essential small business Christmas tip.

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