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Small Business Christmas Countdown

With just four days until Christmas, we know you’ve done everything you possibly can to prepare your business for the upcoming festivities. Right?

You’ve sorted how you’re going to work from home. Right? Your server is prepared for increased traffic when the sales start. Right? Your staff know when they need to be at work. Right? RIGHT?

If not, don’t panic. Check in with us each day for the next four days for tips on how to ensure your business has a merry Christmas.

Out of office

We all know that small business never sleeps. So, even though you’ll be taking some well-deserved time off over Christmas, you’ll want to check-in and do the odd task from home.

With that in mind (if you haven’t already) it’s time to embrace cloud computing. Using the cloud has a number of exceptionally useful features such as large storage capability, excellent connectivity and scalability. In fact, we spoke to an O2 Guru about all the pros of cloud computing which you can read here.

For working remotely, you’ll want some flexible cloud software like Office 365. You can access all your documents on any device you happen to be working on, whether you’re recovering on the sofa after Christmas dinner with your tablet or making some quick changes on your phone while speaking to grandma. If you find yourself without an internet connection that’s not a problem, just keep on working and then upload when you are next connected.


Be sure to check in with us tomorrow for tip number two.

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