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A letter to Small Business Santa

Put your hand up if you believe in Santa.

Those of you that put your hands up, good on you. Probably best to stop reading though because this blog will contain a major spoiler.

For the rest of you, while we know that Santa doesn’t exist (that was the spoiler), now is still the time we start thinking about the things we need. With that in mind, we asked a small business owner to share with us his letter to Small Business Santa.

Dear Small Business Santa,

I hate being trapped in the office all week because I can’t work from home or struggling to amend things on the train before a big meeting. Please could I have a copy of Microsoft Office 365? My friends all have it and they make jokes about how much online storage they have whereas I still use a filing cabinet.

One of the things I’ve found a real chore this year is managing all my finances and invoicing people myself. While I don’t want to pay for an expensive accountant I do want a bit of help. With that in mind I’ve seen some apps like Xero or Kashflow that I think could help. Features like automatic invoicing and payroll processing would give me a bit more time to relax with some mince pies and a mulled wine.

Also, while I’ve got you Small Business Santa, what with all my sitting down in the office, I’m starting to get a bit of a sore back. I’ve heard that some people like to stand up at work and I’ve seen these standing desk stations that can help. Perhaps I could have one of those?

The other thing I think would really help me Small Business Santa is a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. At the moment I have a desktop and an old laptop. The desktop isn’t exactly mobile and the laptop is clunky and heavy. Someone said that the Surface Pro 4 could replace both? It has some fancy features like Cortana but I think the fact it’s slim, light with a great battery life would be a game-changer for me.

With all this new stuff coming my way it’s time to think about security. I’ve been looking at McAfee Multi-Access and I’ll think I’ll go for that but I’ve also seen an app called Cerberus. Could you throw that in as well please? If your device is stolen it helps you track it, lock it, sound an alarm on it, all sorts!

Finally, Small Business Santa, as it’s Christmas I want to crank up the fun in the office so I’m asking for a Sonos or two. As you know these are wireless speakers that my team will be able to control from their devices in the office. This way we’ll be able to blast out Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé all season long. And there’s nothing better than that.

If you could help me out with a few of these I’d be really grateful.


Yours Sincerely,

A small business owner.


Well, well, well. Some great ideas in there from our small business owner. Be sure to visit our shop if you’re looking for inspiration for your business this Christmas.

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