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O2’s new tariffs mean Big Business for Private Sector

by Rebecca Bromwich: Mobility Specialist, Telefónica UK

Simplicity. Predictability. Flexibility.

In my last blog, I spoke about how these three factors are essential to helping our customers. We work closely with them to get under the skin of their business. We do this to identify their individual needs and requirements. And, as a result, we can develop a better understanding of what they need from us so we can create tailored propositions.

So, we decided to revamp our Enterprise tariff portfolio. We did this with the aim of keeping the customer at the heart of everything we do. We genuinely want to understand the challenges our customers face and what they need from us to be successful within the Private Sector. From this, our new portfolio of Big Business tariffs was born.

Our Big Business tariffs let customers pick and mix their mobile estate giving them more control, more confidence and more choice. There are new ways to understand costs, share data across your entire business and manage international use – designed specifically for business customers. And, access to a wider range of O2 products including new digital services.

Want price confidence? We can give you it. Need to share data among employees? You can do it. Require in-depth reporting? We can provide it.

As we all know, every business is unique. So, I always have customers with different requirements wanting different things. By working with our customers we hope to flesh out these needs and build a unique Big Business tariff for their entire mobile estate. And we focus on providing flexibility. This means as their business changes, we can easily change the tariffs too.

Imagine Big Business tariffs like getting a tailored suit. You work with the tailor to outline what you want. Measurements are taken  that are specific to you. A suit is cut and prepared that fits perfectly. And just like a tailored suit, if you pile on a few pounds (with all that Christmas pudding) or shed a few, we can make alterations so you have that perfect fit once again.

One size doesn’t fit all in fashion – the same rule applies in business.

So what are you waiting for? Discover our Big Business tariffs for yourself.

Ready to scale up your business? Call an O2 business specialist on 0800 028 0202 or call free from your O2 mobile on 8002.


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