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It’s not cost control, it’s cost confidence!

by Rebecca Bromwich: Mobility Specialist, Telefónica UK

Data caps. Usage alerts. Call barring.

This is still what some customers imagine when they think about mobile cost control. They think about having to restrict, control and block devices if their employees exceed allowances. But now, when people are using more data, more apps and travelling more frequently than ever before, this is no longer effective. You wouldn’t block the CEO’s phone if it was burning through data would you?

So what’s the answer? Cost control is important but when I talk to customers about costs, it’s not all about cutting them. It’s about having full visibility so bills can be predicted and managed more effectively as well as making sure everyone has the right proposition for their business.

Let’s look at an example. Earlier this year I worked with one of our new major retail customers. They had real challenges with cost and felt their bills were often unpredictable. They found themselves spending a lot of time analysing reports. And, due to a lack of mobile use polices, they were unable to control how their employees were using their phones and tablets. Of course they wanted to make savings but their primary concern was around making life easier.

We worked with them to find a solution by looking at predictability and flexibility. We wanted to give them more cost control but also help to simplify their tariffs, billing and reporting structures. By taking some of the headache away, employees were empowered and had more time for other things. For me, this is the most rewarding part of my job – understanding the pain and offering the answer that can make life easier.

Since delivering this earlier in the year, we’ve had interest from other organisations. They were also facing similar challenges and we were able to help. This approach is proving popular and it’s not surprising – surely everyone wants more confidence when it comes to billing?

Receiving thanks from the first customer prompted me to write this blog – it might seem like a simple post, but I believe simple is how cost control should be.

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