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Discussing life’s ups and downs with Joe Wilkinson

“I’m nearly Vice-President” – Joe Wilkinson

On the surface comedian Joe Wilkinson doesn’t seem a likely small business expert. And frankly he isn’t. However, comedians know more about running small businesses than you might think. Because they are a small business. In a way.

To support the launch of Business Essentials, our most flexible tariff yet, we had a light-hearted chat to Joe about the ups and downs of (sort of) operating as a small business:

You have to employ people, promote yourself and answer emails. Would you describe yourself as a small business?

Yes we are a well-oiled machine. My auntie Doreen answers my emails and faxes and as she is family I hardly pay her.

It’s not easy to make people laugh. What’s it like operating as a small business at the same time?

As I say my auntie Doreen deals with the day-to-day stuff but she’s 86 so she’s crap. It’s very difficult for me. But she does write all my material so that helps.

Describe some of the ups and downs being self-employed.

Ups are I can be nude in the house until about 4 in the afternoon if I like and downs are everything else.

What’s harder, making people laugh or filling out a tax return?

What’s a tax return?

Where do you prefer to work; at home, in a café, in shared office space?

On a pedalo.

Do you enjoy the work/life balance being self-employed affords?

Yes I do. I can stop working at any time and practice my falconry.

What are the business worries that keep you up at night?

Keeping receipts and keeping my nails clipped. They grow at a phenomenal rate.

In your opinion what’s the funniest question on a tax return?

Seriously what’s a tax return?

You seem to have a very strict dress code. How did this come about?

Everyone looks good in brown.

How often do you give yourself a promotion?

A lot, I’m nearly Vice-President.

If you were to start a laundrette, what would you call it?

Dennis’s Laundrette & Bread Bin Emporium (we’d also sell bread bins).

Can you describe a time when you used your initiative to solve a problem at work?

When I got stuck in a fence I used my initiative by waiting for someone to call the fire brigade.


Sounds like Joe really goes through some ups and downs in his professional life. Business Essentials can’t solve getting stuck in a fence but it can solve a plethora of other business problems. If you want to find out more about our most flexible tariff yet, visit our Business Essentials homepage.

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