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Meet the tech that’s revolutionising smart screen technology

Exciting tech announcement alert!

Here at O2 Business we are on the lookout for any new piece of tech or tool that could help you and your small business. So, when we hear someone say a piece of tech “is going to change the world”, we listen. Find out what that tech is and watch the exciting video that demonstrates its capabilities:

New Screen Tech

The tech in question is flexible display. New device launches have seen mobile phone handsets experiment with cutting-edge screen technology such as the curved screen of the Samsung Edge and the introduction of Force Touch technology.

Flexible Display of the future

The flexible display of the not-too-distant future will be a thin piece of plastic (only 30 microns thick) containing thousands of resistors giving it full display and sensor functionality.

“Flexible displays are seen as part of the next generation of consumer technology.”

Smartwatches lead the way

This year at the IFA we showcased some of the latest smartwatches and it’s these that currently lead the way in the wearables market. However, Chuck Milligan of FlexEnable believes that flexible tech will “change the world in terms of how you wear technology.” Flexible screens can be wrapped around wrists, built into clothes or rolled up and put in your pocket.

“In the future we will have foldable and rollable mobile phones.”

Flexible display for your business

So how will curved screens and flexible tech help you and your business? Well, the answer at the moment is we don’t know specifically. (Last year Samsung even launched a competition for people to submit ideas for how to use this tech.) However, imagine the possibilities of being able to turn almost any surface in your shop or studio into a reactive screen, equipping furniture with full phone functionality or being able to fold your laptop into your pocket.

The certainties of flexible display are that it is coming and it is very exciting.

Watch the video to see flexible display in action, visit our shop for the latest curved screen phone models, and share your business uses for this new tech at @O2BusinessUK.

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