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Tech yourself – transform your working environment

Running a small business in 2015 isn’t about fancy office space or an expensive, prestigious address. These days, all you need to keep your business powered up is great technology. We take a look at some of the latest gadgets for small business gurus and overworked entrepreneurs alike – allowing you to build your bottom line, wherever your business takes you.

Digital doodles straight to your devices

Do away with pockets full of hand-scribbled reminders once-and-for-all with the Phree smartpen.

The latest in smart input devices, this 3D laser pen allows you to write, draw and doodle on virtually any surface, automatically saving your on-the-go scribblings straight to your smartphone to review when you get back to your desk.

Easily connecting to any smartphone, laptop or other Bluetooth enabled device, Phree is also compatible with your favourite productivity software including Office, OneNote, Acrobat and Viber. It even comes with a built-in handset for phone calls and text messages.

A mobile office in your laptop bag

Billing itself as the world’s first smart bag, the Phorce Pro does more than just carry your laptop – it’s a complete mobile office you can take wherever you go.

Containing a powerful 26,000 mAh battery allowing you to charge up to 4 devices at once, the Phorce Pro means you can carry, power and work on all of your essential devices, wherever your day takes you.

Made with waterproof materials, it’s guaranteed to keep your electronics safe from the vagaries of the British weather. The bag also comes equipped with a handy, free-to-download app that keeps track of power levels on all your connected devices and even sends you an alert if you leave anything behind.

Wireless power

We’ve all been there, you’re rushing to finish up a document before that lunchtime client call when you realise your phone battery is about to die. And there isn’t a free power point anywhere in sight.

With Wattup by Energous, charging devices via cables is a thing of the past. Simply add your devices to this intelligent charging hub and Wattup will monitor your power needs, automatically charging any failing devices via wireless power transmission quickly and discreetly.

It brings wireless charging straight to your office, car or temporary working space, so you never need to worry about running out of power again.

Instant coffee

If your business often seems powered entirely by caffeine, Smarter Coffee may just be the perfect smart device for your office.

The world’s first wifi-enabled coffee maker, Smarter Coffee lets you make the perfect cup every time, straight from your smartphone or tablet.

Use the free app to grind the beans, set the strength of your cuppa and even tell Smarter Coffee how many cups to make. Then when the brew is done Smarter Coffee will send you an alert, keeping a fresh cup of go-juice piping hot for up to 20 minutes.


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