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Data security: how are you protecting your oil?

by Daniel Hicks: IT and Telecommunications Specialist, Telefónica UK

The phrase “data is the new oil” has been bandied around a fair bit in the past few years. But in my mind, there’s nothing new about it. Organisations have been using data for decades in all its forms. Just by properly maintaining customer records, insightful strategies can be developed to support intelligent business decisions. You can make smarter investments, understand customers and competitors better, refine product development and identify new opportunities. But despite big data services generating more information than ever, data is still just as valuable and precious. And, when you have something precious, you need to protect it.

I mainly work with finance and legal companies who of course view security as a top priority, especially as the industry is so tightly regulated. But data security is an issue that affects almost everyone – any individual or business that is managing data has a responsibility to keep that data secure.

We’ve all seen some pretty big names caught up in data breaches, and I think it’s safe to say that no one wants their name on the list. And if you do get it wrong it’s not just fines you have to worry about (that are also increasingly hefty). The reputation of your brand and your relationships with customers is at risk too.

But where do you begin? It’s not just about the activity of your customers; it’s about the activities of your employees too. You need to make sure that everyone is working in a secure way. This is especially true if you have a flexible working culture. From email to text messaging, video conferencing to instant messaging – with so many methods of communication available, how can you possibly keep everything secure?

Woah! So this is a lot to think about. But before we get too overwhelmed, let’s look at what some of the measures you can put in place as far as mobile working is concerned.

O2 is helping businesses across the private and public sectors manage the headache of data security using a variety of products and services:

  • Capsule: powered by Check Point’s Capsule Cloud, it surrounds your devices with enterprise level cyber security protection, wherever you are, however you connect.
  • O2 Gateway: the UK’s first truly integrated network, bringing our mobile, fixed line and wifi networks together into one single platform.
  • Mobile Voice Recording: a network-based service that can capture mobile voice and SMS’s for auditing to help meet regulatory requirements and gain greater control over customer interactions.

Plus, O2 is the first mobile operator in the UK to achieve CAS(T) certification for mobile voice and data services giving our customers peace of mind that our network is robust and secure.

Security doesn’t have to be scary. Data doesn’t have to be a drag. Just get the right products in place, educate your employees and reassure your customers. Then you’re onto a winner and can feel confident that one of your most valuable assets is protected.

To share your opinion on my blog, or discuss all things security, connect with me on LinkedIn.

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