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The 1-2-3 of a successful mobile strategy

Smartphone use as a business tool continues to increase, and with good reason. We’re eating through more and more data every year, and employees want to work on the go. Yet organisations are still wary about large-scale mobile roll-outs. For those managing mobile solutions, we understand some of the key challenges organisations face around usage, user policies and security.

Full mobility is great, but how will your employees be using their devices? What if they rack up large bills? What if their device is compromised or used for things outside of work like Facebook? How do you control this and optimise your mobile strategy? So, we’ve come up with three steps to making these roll-outs as simple and secure as possible.

1) Recognise the benefits

Your staff are asking to work remotely, and you should welcome it – flexible working equals more productivity. UK businesses save 9.4 million work hours per week, and £2.2bn per year with mobile devices*. Promote a positive culture in your workplace by embracing flexible working, recognising these benefits and empowering your staff to manage their time however they want.

2) Focus on the employee experience

The best way to manage this is by turning your focus onto the individual experiences of your employees and implementing some simple usage policies. Give them more access to things like work-scheduling apps and files specific to their role. This can go a long way to making them more enabled, effective and productive. We don’t mean putting your employees under constant, big brother-style surveillance. We mean creating an open and honest policy to motivate them to control their own workflow in a productive way that suits them.

3) Implement a feature-rich mobile solution

You can manage data usage and roaming costs in real time, and in a variety of ways. Tailor your mobile strategy to allow:

  • The instant application and enforcement of policies – keeping your organisation on the front foot of security and able to manage costs simply and flexibly
  • Multiple policies per individual or for specific groups within your organisation – ensure policies meet the needs of your workforce and provide them with the flexibility required to work remotely while remaining productive
  • Total control over data usage – minimising coverage charges based on content type, device, location, time of day and/or data quota
  • Tie tamper-proof policies right down to individual sims – ensure each scheme is specifically tailored to the user, regardless of the device they’re using
  • Cloud utilisation – to benefit from a rapid, easy roll-out while avoiding any additional on-premise hardware costs

Mobile Data Optimisation

You need a solution that can do all of that, across any sim-based device, regardless of manufacturer or operating system. O2’s Mobile Data Optimisation can do this and give you full control over the application of whatever policies you want, across both individual devices and whole groups.

All of these things work together to provide your organisation with improved visibility, security, simplicity and flexibility over its workforce – as well as some significant cost savings. 68% of large business have been proven to be more successful with mobile working*, and a secure, tailored mobile strategy is key to that success.

Read our Mobile Data Optimisation Product Guide to learn more, or visit our website at

*YouGov Research:

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