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O2 Recycle: to bin or not to bin?

by Victoria Ubachukwu: Pricing & Propositions Manager, Telefónica UK

Personally, I like recycling. I don’t mind walking ten minutes to find a recycling bin or reusing my plastic carrier bags. That’s just me, no one is forcing me. I do it for the environment. It’s a good way to contribute to reducing pollution.

But, when it comes to old mobile phones, tablets and laptops, I never think of recycling. I don’t think of selling either, as they aren’t worth much. I once dropped my phone in the toilet, and despite it being completely broken, after a wipe down it still ended up in a drawer. Until recently that drawer contained numerous mobile phones, some completely damaged, some kept there “just in case.” But I’m just one person. Imagine how many are hidden away in workplaces where thousands of employees are using mobile devices.

When businesses think about sustainability, social and environmental impact, they usually have great ideas on how to do things differently. They could raise money for charity, use hybrid vehicles in their supply chain or switch to biodegradable packaging. As part of O2’s Think Big initiative, by the end of 2015 we hope to halve the emissions from our network (relative to data traffic growth) – just one way we are trying to be more sustainable.

However, despite the great things many organisations are already doing, they need to keep looking for other opportunities. We all know that technology is transforming the way private and public sector organisations work. By equipping workforces with mobile devices, they can be more productive whenever and wherever they are. But what happens when their phone gets upgraded? Or when their laptop decides to give up the ghost? Or what if the tablet screen gets cracked? Do we bin it?

Here at O2, we believe recycling devices should be simple. We want to encourage your employees and your organisation to get recycling – it is one of our many propositions that can help you reach your sustainability targets and possibly make you some money in the process. Plus, O2 Recycle is safe and secure thanks to our data wiping services (accredited by CESG) so you can feel reassured and rewarded on your journey to being a more sustainable business.

So next time you need to get rid of an old device, if the words to bin or not to bin threaten to enter your mind, I hope you think recycle instead.

To find out more about O2 Recycle, visit our website.


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