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5 podcasts entrepreneurs need to hear

In solid defiance of the modern penchant for, well, not paying very much attention, podcasts have become an unexpectedly popular pastime for ears and brains all over the world. From the nail-biting crime drama of Serial, to the hilarious satire of the much-loved Bugle, the podcast business is booming. We’ve compiled a list of shows that anyone with an entrepreneurial mind simply has to listen to:

1) Innovation Ramble

A relatively new podcast, the Innovation Ramble was started as a fun experiment by digital marketers Tom Ollerton and Alastair Cole to explore how innovation has taken place across a diverse range of subject areas. To date, they’ve covered innovations in travel, happiness, fear, music and sex. The duo have also partnered with leading marketing site, The Drum, meaning that you can read more and find useful links around each podcast’s discussion. Naturally, technology features heavily in their shows – and we’re big fans of that here, have a read about how it’s redefining the value of money, for example, or changing the quality of sleep you can have at the end of a long day.

Good for: what it says on the tin, inspiration for innovation.

2) Entrepreneurs on Fire

John Lee Dumas’ name for his podcast couldn’t be more apt. Awarded the best of iTunes, Dumas releases a new podcast every day, 7 days a week, which is testament to the relentless spirit required for entrepreneurs to propel their ideas and ventures forward. Each episode introduces listeners to successful entrepreneurs who share their journeys, failures and triumphs. At the end of each one, you’re also given a list of invaluable resources and actionable tips. The website itself is a treasure trove of information, where you can sign up to courses on business or podcasting, as well as downloading tips for different areas of business. The venture is a business in and of itself, with its own range of products. Interestingly, a tracker sits in the top right hand corner of the site that documents how much income has been generated each month, with an accompanying report that showcases how money has been spent and invested. Why? Dumas aims to share knowledge to help fellow entrepreneurs find business success in real time, as well as demonstrating how to avoid costly failures.

Good for: learning from the pros, useful resources and learning money management in real time.

3) Marketing Smarts

Marketing is an integral part of every business’s success, so it makes perfect sense that there would be an entire podcast dedicated to it. Who better to share learnings than the Marketing Profs? A leading marketing blog and education organisation, the site boasts an impressive array of tools, including online courses and webinars, for helping you to brush up on your marketing skills in no time. Each podcast is 30 minutes long with host Kerry O’Shea Gorgone interviewing experts to deliver an in-depth focus on a specific area of marketing, for example, building meaningful relationships with your customers or creating an award-winning blog.

Good for: learning how to go for gold with your marketing efforts, often from unexpected experts.

4) The Growth Show

Growth is a key chapter in any entrepreneur’s story – from their own personal growth, to the growth of their company. The Growth Show is a great podcast for honing your leadership skills and for your personal development. The show interviews influential business figures, typically CEOs of companies that have achieved remarkable growth, and explores how they’ve achieved it. Beyond looking at the growth of companies alone, the podcast also probes growth in other areas, for example looking at the growth of global movements (great for stealing marketing tips), or even simply how to grow or build on ideas.

Good for: cultivating your leadership skills and taking your business to the next level.

5) Desert Island Discs

A cult classic that delves into the most loved records of some of the world’s most celebrated figures, Desert Island Discs is the perfect decompression listen after a busy morning or a full day. The show was first broadcast in 1942, and since then over 3000 episodes with well-known ‘castaways’ have been recorded. The shows, including early episodes, are now also available online as podcasts, so you can browse the archives for life lessons, candid ruminations and great music from the likes of Louis Armstrong and Alfred Hitchcock. All you have to do is kick back, relax and imagine you’ve escaped to a desert island.

Good for: your lunch break/commute home.

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