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Desert Island Apps: SAM

We are pleased to announce here at O2 Business that an old friend has returned. Back by popular demand, we welcome to the blog, Desert Island Apps. This is our series where we ask some of small business’s most interesting characters which apps they simply couldn’t live without.

Who is Joachim Horn?

Joachim Horn, founder of SAM, has made it his mission to make people’s lives easier through making clever technology that is simple and easy to use. Who better to ask about which apps to use to make life easier, than a man who is dedicating his life to making one of them?

What is SAM?

SAM is an early manifestation of the Internet of Things we keep talking about. It’s a simple drag-and-drop coding app that controls small lights, buttons and sensors.

What can you use SAM for?

In the office at SAM labs they use it to notify colleagues of meetings and social media notifications with this mailbox they built using one of the kits:

Notification postbox by SAM

Small businesses have used SAM to make anything from a sensor-based doorbell for a shop to energy-saving lighting systems using their light sensor.

Joachim’s apps

Joachim is a big fan of using apps to help him run his business day-to-day and these are the apps he simply couldn’t live without:


Joachim says: “Slack allows me to communicate with my team in real time and share valuable information through different integrations of the app and the internet.”

What we think: Slack is a real improvement in instant messaging apps and is proving very popular with entrepreneurs and small businesses because of its simplicity and integration capabilities.


Joachim says: “iZettle allows me to sell my SAMs anywhere. I could meet someone on the street, talk to them about what I do and if they were interested I just get on my phone, open iZettle and make a sale.”

What we think: Another very popular app for small businesses as it makes transactions at the point of sale so much easier both for businesses and for customers.


Joachim says: “SAM allows me to connect my whole world together. From my social media, to objects in my house to ideas I want to experiment with quickly.”

What we think: SAM is an exciting step forward for anyone looking to experiment with the Internet of Things for their small business.


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