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Finding flexibility with Business Essentials from O2

Here’s a statement for you: running a business is hard.

It’s also exciting, rewarding, stressful, busy and brilliant but one thing’s for sure, you have to stay on your toes. According to a new report released today by Cebr, small businesses in the UK are experiencing their most volatile retail sales year since 1990. (Margaret Thatcher had just resigned and Jason Donavon was top of the charts. That’s how long ago that was.)

Twenty-five years later, what does an unpredictable sales year look like for small businesses? For some independent retailers it can mean a 36% difference in sales between the best and worst months. This causes problems with cash flow, problems with under and over resourcing and issues with staffing. The solution? Be flexible, be agile and be savvy – this is where O2 Business can help.

Today O2 Business is launching Business Essentials, specifically designed to help customers stay flexible and respond to their changing business needs.

Flexibility is hugely important for small businesses. In the good months, when sales are booming you need to have the freedom to increase capacity (in the shape of more staff or more resource) without the worry of being stuck with high business costs when sales settle down. A third of the small business that took part in the study admitted they were unable to meet demand at peak times with 43% citing insufficient physical capacity. With Business Essentials from O2 Business, as you increase or reduce your physical capacity, you can scale up or down to meet your digital needs. Whether it’s the need for the latest device, a tailored data plan or new business apps, the scalable tariff makes it even easier for business owners to make digital technology work for them.

For small businesses, the need to be flexible goes beyond variations in sales. A third of companies reported being affected by things like the weather and changes to government policy. Given this need to be agile and adjust business costs quickly, just how flexible is Business Essentials? We’d say: very. Business Essentials offers unlimited calls and texts on most tariffs and business owners simply decide how much data they need from one month to the next. They can then choose to pay for their devices upfront to reduce monthly spend, or spread the cost with a 0% APR Representative loan over 24 months.

This is all part of O2 Business’s desire to help small businesses operate and grow. Ben Dowd, O2’s Business Director said: “Too often, big businesses assume that small businesses are all the same and offer a one-size-fits-all solution. With Business Essentials we’re putting customers in the driving seat, giving them the transparency, control and flexibility to choose exactly the right device, airtime and business apps for them. At O2 we want to help more business owners supercharge their business by putting digital at the heart of what they do. We have seen first-hand from our customers how the right technology can help any company work smarter, faster and more efficiently.”

Thatcher and Donavon have long faded in the memory but the need to be agile and flexible in the midst of unpredictable sales is back, and this need for flexibility is making O2 a business essential.

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