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Hack of the month: What’s slowing down your phone?

Come on, come on, why is that app not opening? A commute without a podcast is simply not acceptable!

There’s nothing worse than when your phone is running slowly and refusing to obey your commands. The good news is that with the right care and knowhow there are ways to ensure this never happens.

Here’s how to keep your phone in tip top working order:

Clear that cache 

The first thing we did  – and something we’d highly recommend – was to ask an O2 Guru for their advice. Our Guru says:

“When a slow phone is the issue, I explain that it’s just like maintaining a car; as long as it has a checkup every few months, it’ll run almost as well as it did when you first bought it. The best thing you can do is to go into the App Manager on an Android phone, go into each app and see if the ‘Cached Data’ has a large amount of storage. This is a buildup of used data (such as statuses and videos on Facebook) and by clearing the cache, or ‘unclogging the pipe’, it makes the app run faster and also helps the phone gain the extra space required to take more photos and videos.”

Delete forgotten apps 

Listen, we know you had plans to get fit but let’s face it, you’ve had that running app for two years and you’re yet to pull on a pair of trainers. Get rid! These apps take up space, fragment your storage and make life harder for your phone.

To delete an app on Android, go to settings and select the App Manager. For other phones you can simple hold down the app and delete directly from the screen. Be ruthless.

Use that SD card

For those of you who aren’t fond of goodbyes, try moving your apps and media to your SD card. Go to Settings/Applications/Manage Applications and select your chosen app. Hit ‘Move to SD Card’ to move it, or simply transfer images and videos onto your laptop or external hard drive.

Soft Reset

The life-saving ‘soft reset’ is a convenient and effective method for regaining a little of your phone’s precious memory. Most devices have a soft reset function: for iPhones, hold down the Home and Power buttons together while Samsung phones require a combination of the Home, Power and Volume buttons. Alternatively, a soft reset can simply involve power cycling the device by manually turning off then on again. Google your phone model or ask a Guru if you’re struggling.

Restore Factory Settings

If all else fails it’s time to get drastic. Back up your phone to an SD card or the cloud and perform the ‘master/hard reset’ by heading to the Restore Factory Settings option under the phone’s settings menu. As the title suggests, this will restore the phone’s software to that of the factory specifications, and as such should be treated with some caution.

Perform one or some of these actions and your phone will be operating faster before you know it. If you are unsure about any of these, your best bet is to ask one of our O2 Gurus.

For free, impartial business tech help and advice, why not book a session with an O2 Guru? They’re available online, in store and over the phone.

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