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How to talk to your customers online

Cultivating a good relationship with your customers is a no-brainer, and it’s even more important when it comes to online conversations. As more businesses move online, especially via mobile, it’s important that you’re ready to respond to enquiries when they come. Read below for a few simple tips to help you look after your customers online.

1. Respond

Waiting for responses is as fun as watching paint dry. It’s even less amusing if you’re a customer with a pressing query – online communications with your customers are an extension of the service that your customers expect in person, so don’t leave them high and dry.


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2. Do so quickly

Although not everyone has the luxury of having teams they can dedicate to looking after social channels, it’s important – particularly on social media – to be as timely as possible. If you don’t have resource, then block out pockets of time where you can focus on replying to enquiries. When it comes to social, you can use tools such as Hootsuite to monitor who has mentioned you in their tweets – using this you can keep a note of who you might still need to respond to.

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3. Create a bank of FAQs

As much as we’d like to be able to devote the same attention to our customers online as we do in person, if we’re honest, it’s not always possible. To make sure you don’t leave your customers stranded, add an easily identifiable page to your site with a list of FAQs that answer questions you know that new and regular customers will be likely to ask about your service. This way, you’ll save time and keep things cool.

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4. Be personable

It’s pretty difficult to get real human contact these days – contact pages often lead to forms instead of phone numbers, and phone numbers too often lead to automated services. In the midst of all of this, it’s lucky if we get a human response that actually answers our queries – with that in mind, be human! Adopt a suitable tone of voice for your business, and endeavour to leave all your customers feeling like this:

5.  Security matter

If you are using open forums such as Twitter and Facebook, make sure you outline that for enquiries involving an exchange of personal information, they private message or email you. Likewise, when handling your customer data, be sure that you have all the infrastructure you need in place to protect information. Don’t get caught out like this guy:

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