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How local businesses stay connected and in control of data costs

Minicabit is a London based business built around taking the hassle out of booking taxi journeys and lets travellers secure the best prices from up to 600 licensed cab operators in more than 40 UK cities via the web or Minicabit app.

With just eight staff, Minicabit has already formed successful partnerships with some of the UK’s leading airports and concert arenas. But to continue growing in new markets around the world, short trips overseas are key for Product Manager, Chris Lynch. One issue that Chris routinely faces is the need to keep data costs down when overseas, but without impacting on the ability to work efficiently and grow – so, O2’s Worldwide 24 hour data Bolt On proved to be the perfect solution. Here are five ways it’s made his jet-setting days easier.

1. No more slow connections

Needing to stay connected in a fast paced moving business when he’s travelling on the move, the last thing Chris needs is to be slowed down by waiting for slow wireless networks to load.

2. Save money

The low cost of O2’s data roaming bolt on means that he won’t be spending a fortune on slow connections, leaving more cash for the end of year Christmas get together

3. Staying secure 

Flexible working can mean that you’re reliant on connections that aren’t secure or untrustworthy, with O2’s Worldwide 24 hour data Bolt On, Chris and his clients can transfer confidential documents and information with the assurance that everything is safe.

4. Clever data

So clever in fact, that as Chris moves from country to country, his data adjusts to give him the flexibility to use specified amounts of data in different zones outside of Europe. So,he can step off of planes, feeling like this:

Source: Giphy

5. Stay on top of his game

Wherever he travels, the O2 Worldwide 24 hour data Bolt On will notify Chris once he’s used 80% of his data, to ensure he stays in total control of what he spends and when his data will run out. Leaving Chris free to keep growing the business.


For more information on O2’s Worldwide 24 hour data Bolt On, visit here.

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