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O2 Power Hour: Connectedness

In our second live webinar of 2015, O2’s Business Director, Ben Dowd, and Head of Social Media, Kristian Lorenzon, were joined by conflict resolution lawyer Neil Denny, to talk about the importance of connectedness within business.

The discussion revolved around ways to successfully connect with others and offering ways to make your business work smarter. Whether that’s interacting with people on social networks, finding better ways to deal with negative opinions, or how to listen and respond to others.

Here are some of the key take-outs:

Social networks aren’t just for the young

The demographic of users across social networks is evolving. Businesses shouldn’t just focus on talking to the younger generation online, but also on users in the middle of their life and people near retirement.


The changing face of communication

Go from face-to-face to smiley faces. With people communicating more online than offline in businesses, get personality and messages across faster by using emojis.

Conflict is a sign of a relationship that’s broken down

Make sure you resolve issues early. Simply ignoring them increases the problem.

People tend to take conflict personally and can approach it differently. Some grieve, while others focus on what others did wrong.

The cost of conflict isn’t just financial 

Failing to maintain relationships can be counted in five currencies: financial, time, energy, reputation, and opportunity.

Ask more questions

Conflict can be avoided by simply asking more questions. Questions allow others to open up and reveal their needs, requirements and the things they’re concerned about.

Don’t devalue apologies

Apologies that work well are ones where we accept our responsibility in the event. By stating what we did and the impact it caused, your apology will sound more genuine and believable.

 Final thoughts

Don’t be left counting the cost of conflict in your business. By identifying issues early and asking questions, you’re more likely to maintain connections. A simple change of approach or the right business tool, can help relationships stay strong. But if problems do appear, never be afraid to apologise.

To hear all the talking points, sign up and watch the full O2 Power Hour webinar

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