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Hack of the month: how to customise your email signature

How you sign off your email says a lot about you: your level, your location and even your company’s personality. So it’s really worth putting plenty of time and thought into the signature that you set depending on who your message is going to. Here are some quick instructions for customising your signature for Microsoft Outlook.

Open up a new email message and head to ‘Draft’ in the top bar. Scroll down to ‘Signatures’ and hover over it until the ‘Edit signature…’ option appears. Click on that and a box will appear that allows you to create a number of different signatures.

Now it’s time to get creative. Obviously, you’ll need to include your name, position, email address, website and mobile number, but there are other elements to consider. Does your company use a particular font and colour palette? If so, make use of them – it’s great for consistency when people visit your website. Why not include your logo in there too so that people recognise it when the next see it? If you’ve won any awards or are in partnership with any other companies, you could (with the appropriate permission) include those too. Does your business have a slogan or a much-loved quote that would add interest or entertain your readers? Are you involved in any fundraising that you could add in to help boost support?

With Outlook, you can save a number of signatures, so you can simply select which one you’d like to use when you start writing your email. Perhaps you’d like a particular version to go to potential customers with a link to your shop instead of your home page, for example, or maybe you’d prefer a more light-hearted version to go to current staff members. It’s up to you – just remember to keep your default one generic in case you forget to change it!

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