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Top 5 beautiful email templates

These days, you could be forgiven for thinking that the only online communications that matter for your business are the interactions that take place on social media. It’s the focus for everything from big campaigns to basic customer service, but do spare a thought for the humble email.

Statistics from Yesmail show that email conversion rates on mobile have risen by 70%, and that mobile accounted for 20% of all email generated profit. In addition to this, mobile accounts for around 40% of all email clicks. In short, email marketing still counts – it’s low cost, doesn’t require too much time and it’s an easy way to keep in touch with customers on a personal level.

Once you’ve made an impact with a snappy subject line, you can use elegant designs to keep your customers interested and convey your messages. To help, we’ve rounded up some great examples and useful templates below.

Kaufmann Mercentile

Tie your communications to the rest of your brand – Kaufmann have a simple striking visual image to capture the attention of customers. The layout gives customers the power to search for what they need with easy to navigate tabs, which correlate with the brand’s website.


Keeping things casual and conversational, Foursquare have opted for this lifestyle blog style newsletter which brings to life what customers can aspire to with their product.


The beautiful clothing brand knows that its vibrant prints and nomadic style are key to the brand – so they have kept their newsletter simple by focusing on their products with this ‘new season’ update email. It’s a great way to get your customers excited about new offerings.


Create your own

Now that you’ve seen some brilliant examples from businesses doing email marketing well, you can try your own with the list of downloadable email templates below.


A brilliant free online tool that offers templates for a range of communications from introductory emails to special offers and more. Cakemail is free and enables you to update designs according to season.


A quirky name for a quirky application. This template works across all devices and – with its transactional templates – is especially great if your newsletter communications focus on sales or user activity on site.

99 Designs

99 designs have a community of designers that create bespoke emails for businesses. They often run competitions too, and the results of the most recent one are three beautiful downloadable designs in a range of colours for newsletters, templates and more.

Email on Acid

This one is especially good for mobile communications. It has three templates which you download for different screen sizes. The templates automatically adjust depending on the size of the screen it will be viewed on.

Campaign Monitor

This site has a range of beautiful solutions specially focused on email marketing. You can run free trials with the service but will have to pay once you launch campaigns. Alternatively you can design your own template for free using their template builder.

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