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O2 Power Hour: Neil Denny talks about ways to successfully connect with others

Discover how we’re supercharging your business with O2 Power Hour. This free lunchtime webinar series invites business leaders, inspiring speakers and technology experts to share their wisdom and answer your questions.

Following our 2015 series, ‘Helping you benefit from better connections’, our second webinar discusses Connectedness.

The discussion will focus on positive ways to communicate with colleagues and customers to make your working days more productive and profitable. Making positive connections will enable you to fully understand other people’s needs, thoughts and business goals, as well as fulfil your own.

Our special guest on the panel will be conflict resolution lawyer and speaker, Neil Denny. His practical approach to handling business issues both internally and with clients helps people work smarter and be more productive. His practical tips and advice could help you to relate to and communicate better with the people you work with. Neil will be joined by O2’s Head of Social Media, Kristian Lorenzon, who is an expert in ways of connecting people with digital solutions and building communities. And with 18 years’ experience of building productive business relationships, O2’s Business Director, Ben Dowd will be chairing the webinar.

Here are the details you need to make sure you don’t miss out.

O2 Power Hour [Connectedness] | Date: 20 May | Time: 12:30pm

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