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Just Call Me: no PINs, no pain

Here at O2 Business, we’re always on the hunt for the best and most efficient ways to communicate with one another at work. Our latest survey has revealed that, although 56% of people feel calling someone at work is more effective than emailing, only 1% use conference calling, while 59% rely on email. So what’s the problem? Why the reluctance to pick up the phone even though we know it’s a better option?

Other responses began to reveal the answer to this question – a lot of them cited convenience as the key to over-reliance on email. That said, it seems that email is by no means the perfect communication method: the sheer quantity we all receive on a daily basis regularly leaves us feeling overwhelmed.

Here are the main findings from the survey, as well as details on our brand new offering, O2 Just Call Me, which is designed entirely to take the pain out of conference calling by eliminating the whole dial-in nightmare. Sound good? Read on for more.

  1. The average UK worker spends 288 hours per year writing work-related emails.

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  1. Due to the large number of emails we receive, over a third of us feel overwhelmed.
  1. Nearly a quarter (24%) think it’s too noisy in the office to have a call.

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  1. A further 10% have difficulty getting hold of the conference call details.

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  1. And 13% think there are too many steps and it’s difficult to dial in with so many codes.

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To avoid any of this frantic phone smashing, we’ve created O2 Just Call Me – a ridiculously simple, flexible alternative to the complicated conference calling of old. We like to think of it as easy peasy – as easy, in fact, as 1-2-3:

  1. Call the organiser’s mobile number.
  2. Say ‘hello’.
  3. You’ve joined the conference call.

Find out how O2 Just Call Me can take the pain out of conference calling here.

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