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Bring your own device: five top apps

A ‘bring your own device’ policy can result in brilliant benefits for small businesses: flexibility for their employees, newer equipment and reduced operating costs. If staff are able to work from wherever they are – the office, at home or on the move – they are likely to be more relaxed and efficient. They’re also more likely to have invested in a quality device for their own use, and their contracts may permit them to regularly upgrade their smartphone or tablet when the latest model comes out – which means cutting-edge tech that employees are definitely comfortable with. Finally, there’s no need for employers to fork out for brand new hardware, software and licencing fees, either.

That said, it’s not all straightforward when it comes to BYOD. There are security issues that come with sensitive company data being stored on an employee’s personal device. But if you’re considering a BYOD workplace and you’re worried there’s no way of keeping professional and personal separate, don’t worry: there’s an app for that. Actually, there are loads of apps for that. Here are five that’ll help keep work and home lives where they belong – separated – but on one device.

  1. Divide

Available for both Android and iPhone, the Divide app provides an encrypted workspace – so IT teams don’t have to worry about company information being compromised, while employees can keep their personal lives separate without the risk of their private data being wiped. The app syncs with Google Apps, LotusNotes and more to allow staff to use their personal device seamlessly for work.

  1. Android for Work

As the name suggests, this one’s for Android only. It works by separating out your apps into personal and work so you’ll never mix up your profiles or the data you have stored in each version. You can also set up a work profile on your phone to ensure the IT team doesn’t accidentally wipe your device of personal information.

  1. Moka5

Moka5 is an app that allows you to keep all your work documents confined to one space on your phone. It’s great for security, too, as IT departments have total management over the app and what’s stored inside. It allows you to view, comment, share and edit your files securely through an encrypted space called a LiveData container – so if your phone gets lost or stolen, this container can be wiped remotely by your IT team.

  1. AT&T Toggle

Much like Divide, AT&T Toggle operates on both Android and iOS that facilitates two personalities on one device. It provides a password-protected workspace that allows you to keep personal and professional lives truly separated in an intuitive, easy-to-use design.

  1. PPSK from Aerohive

Aerohive is working on a whole suite of professional security capabilities to help protect businesses’ data in a wireless world. PPSK simply provides a private passcode to employees that allows them to access work information on their private devices. The system is scalable – more passcodes can be provided to new employees by the administrator as and when needed – so it’s great for larger companies looking to deal with device security remotely.

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