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Hack of the week: clean your keyboard with a Post–it note

No, really. Endless studies conducted over the years have shown that working in a neat, uncluttered environment is much more conducive to productivity. In the interest of helping you work more efficiently, we hereby call on you to clean up your act – and by that we mean no more bits of cookie, remnants of birthday cake, or emergency ‘the-tax-return-was-due-yesterday’ biscuit living in between your keyboard keys to distract you.

Repeat the simple steps below:

  1. Take one Post-it note.
  2. Turn it upside down so that the sticky side is facing your keyboard.
  3. Slide to the left, then slide to the right (soundtrack optional).
  4. Repeat until the Post-it has collected all the dust and dirt.
  5. Proceed to enjoy typing on a grime-free keyboard.

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