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O2 Power Hour highlights: John-Paul Flintoff’s inspiring tips on working better together

We were delighted to have author, TED speaker and member of the faculty of The School of Life John-Paul Flintoff join us for our O2 Power Hour live webinar on collaboration on 19 March.

His insights into working better with others are both inspiring and surprising. From Neil Armstrong landing on the moon to conquering fears of getting things wrong, here are just a few tips that could help you collaborate and work smarter.

Why is collaboration so important in helping us grow?

What do you think people’s biggest fears are about collaborating?

How can we ensure we’re collaborating with the right people?

What we should do when people throw objections at us?

What do you think the role of email should be in collaboration?

And finally, we ask O2’s Ant Morse: what are the best type of technology to use for collaboration?

You can watch the session in full here.

Remember to sign-up here for our next Power Hour in May which will be all about connecting people and how to overcome conflicts with people you communicate with.


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