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Top 5 ways to save your laptop’s battery

Working on the move comes with the freedom to pitch up wherever you want in order to speed through your task list. The downside, though, is that without the security of a plug-filled office, you can find yourself without power. But – cue melodramatic music – you don’t have to live this way! Read below for five easy ways to keep your laptop working for as long as possible.

Battery saver/eco mode

It’s a simple measure but an easy one to forget – all you need to do is switch to energy-saving mode to enable your battery to save more power as you work. You can usually do this in the ‘Settings’ option.

Turn off apps and processes

Running multiple applications on your laptop or smartphone eats through much more power than simply using one application at a time – a little inconvenient, especially as most of us work by flitting from one task to another, or by browsing multiple tabs at once.

If your laptop is running slowly, or you’re worried about battery life, head to the ‘Task Manager’ section to see if you’ve forgotten to shut down any programs from previous sessions. It’s also a good idea to check the ‘Processes’ tab in Task Manager, as sometimes processes linked to music players or cloud storage can use up your battery power. These can easily be disabled in the ‘Processes’ tab.

Dual device it

If you do still need to keep an eye on emails while you put a document together, or reply to your customer base on social media while you’re bookkeeping in Excel, simply use your phone to manage one task and use your notifications to keep on top of everything else.

Take out any additional devices

Charging your music device, phone or hard drive in your laptop? Stop now – this wastes your battery. To make life easier, charge as many of these devices before you leave or, if you can, take a small adapter with you so you can charge your device at any available plug.

Clean your battery contacts

Who knew? Keeping your battery contacts clean – these are the metal bits on your battery – helps your laptop to run more efficiently, as it helps to transfer the flow of power from your battery to your device.

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